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A new idea for Scriptwriters to help them develop themselves and their careers.


This is a new approach for Scriptwriters, like me, to think about what they need to do in order to be successful. The diagram contains, all in one place, the life of a scriptwriter. Its a map that we can use to see what we need to tackle next.


Success as a working writer comes from having a good balance between the 3 main circles.

Your story - your skill as a writer

Building your character - your understanding of where you are and how to improve

Your dialogue with the industry - networking and working with others


The main circles overlap to form new areas.

Training - learning skills and thinking as a writer

Pitching - winning the working and presenting yourself in the best light

Market Knowledge - knowing what is in demand and how your work fits into it


At the centre is the one thing that all your activity should be influencing and building towards.

Gravity - drawing people towards you so that work continues to flow in