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"Who Killed Nelson Nutmeg?" is a family film that harks back to the classic "kids have an adventure and solve a mystery". I co-wrote and co-directed the film and it features Bonnie Wright (Ginny Weasley from Harry Potter) as the villain. It premiered at the London Film Festival in 2015. It then did a small theatrical tour and is out now - on demand.


We have more movies in development now as well as being writers and directors for hire. Our agent is Jean Kitson.


Watch the behind the scenes videos on YouTube. We are planning more films and TV over at Nelson Nutmeg Pictures Ltd, including our next co-production - "2:hrs"


You can also by the movie soundtrack on Amazon, here.

For young readers who enjoyed the movie, there is no a prequel book about the how the characters of Who Killed Nelson Nutmeg? originally met. Available on Amazon now - in Kindle format too.